Lifebuoy Professional Care

Hand Soap


Lifebuoy Handwash offers germ protection, with a unique formulation that generates a rich lather. This provides an effective and hygienic wash in every corner of the hands and nails, at the same time leaving your hands pleasantly fragrant

Disinfectant Surface Spray.


  • Designed for refilling smaller pumps or dispensers for hands, or spray bottles used for disinfecting surfaces
  • Suitable for use at restaurants, gyms, and hotels
  • Multiple usages for disinfecting surfaces and skin
  • Perfect for both front-of-house and back-of-house hygiene needs

Hand Sanitiser


  • The Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel is designed to kill bacteria/germs from hands without the use of water
  • This product can be applied in areas requiring high levels of hygiene eg: medical clinics, Hospitals, Schools, Child Care Centres, Food preparation areas and Gyms
  • Place a thumbnail quanitity directly onto the hands surface, briskly rub hands together until dry
  • Five Litre Container