Developing and sourcing product with unique features is a hallmark of Force360. From the simple liftup face visor of the Guardian+ goggle to the enhanced graphene yarn used in Graphex gloves, Force360 continues to innovate and introduce industry-first products. With innovation comes a brand that stands apart from others and offers a viable alternative for distributors and end-users who seek genuine points of difference, value, and trusted performance.

Hand Protection


Force360’s range of hand protection is the first in Australia to be certified to both Australian and European Standards. From cutting to rigging, welding, and soldering we have a glove for every industry.

Eye Protection


Innovation is at the heart of the Force360 Eye Protection range from the world’s lightest spec the Air clear to the Calibr8 allowing for self customisation to head shape for increased comfort.

Hearing Protection


From headband to cap attachable earmuffs or corded and uncorded earplugs, our hearing protection range is extensive and supports all hearing protection requirements.

Respiratory Proteciton


From full face respirators to disposable respiratory and surgical masks we have all your respiratory protection requirements.

Clothing Protection


Our clothing protection is extensive spanning multiple fabric options and construction types top ensure we cover every industry and multiple applications.

Head Protection & Site Safety


Force360’s head protection range is Australian made and owned with multiple options including clearview and high heat products, complement this with our market leading site safety products.

The Importance of Certification

Products in Australia only need to comply with Australian or European Standards; for Force360, this is unacceptable. Compliance with a standard is simply a claim. Certification of products by an independent Notified Body (NB) ensures the product meets the claim. This validation by the NB is vital for ensuring the protection levels are accurate. Indeed in Europe, certification to the latest PPE standards is mandatory; in Australia, not so. We has raised the bar by ensuring our range of products are certified. A point of difference that ensures Force360 protects to the highest standard and provides peace of mind for the wearer, employer, and distributor.

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