Construction Management

Construction Management Software



Track project progress, connect your team, and solve problems for high-quality results, every time

Complete site management in one platform

Increase productivity

Increase productivity Stay on schedule during construction with live project progress updates, enabling you to adapt your plan from day to day.

Link the office to project site

Link the office to project site Oversee and document progress on-site via a mobile app built for construction project management.

Confidently manage build quality

Confidently manage build quality – Reduce errors and re-work with standard quality assurance forms, checklists, and reports.

At CBRE, we are always on the lookout for new digital tools that add value to our customers and make our work easier for our employees. With PlanRadar we have found a product that meets both requirements – and a team that knows the market, listens and constantly evolves the product.





Track construction progress


Quickly identify problems and monitor project progress on the construction plan.


  • Transparent tasks – View completed or overdue activities with real-time status updates.
  • On-plan pins – Construction activity pinned to 2D plans or BIM models for instant understanding.
  • Photo & media documentation – Audio, photo, video, text notes, and chat history stored in one platform.



Connect and collaborate with the whole team


Mobile communication designed for construction sites makes sure all team members understand what needs to get done.


  • In-app chat & push notifications – Connect team members on-site and in the office to ensure fast decision-making.
  • Free subcontractor accounts – Track 100% of your communication, even with external contractors.
  • Support 15+ languages – Empower your team to work efficiently in their language of choice



Solve problems for a seamless build


Standardise quality inspection processes and create data consistency for improved build quality.

  • Standard checklists – Inspect the same way, every time – review hundreds of items in a single form, accessible by the whole team.
  • Document damage on-site – Create and update your punch list while on the construction site using any mobile device.
  • Offline mode – Collect data in any environment and sync as soon as your device is online again.



Construction Progress Reports and Daily Field Reports


Generate reports directly from the construction site – eliminate post-site processing of field reports, progress reports and more.

  • Standard field reports – Templates export daily work into formats that meet internal standards or client requirements.
  • Instant sharing – Complete progress reports or build handover reports on-site and share them from your mobile device.
  • Digital audit trail – Keep a complete record of reports and logs on-hand in case of claims.