Clear Health

In the wake of COVID 19 businesses now have a duty of care to keep their staff safe at work during COVID and beyond, Clearhealth is the new way to welcome your staff safely.

Clearhealth, is a wall or floor mounted health compliant device which comes with a built-in camera for attendance checking, a sensor to check body temperature, a sensor-based automatic sanitizer dispenser, along with a processing unit for video analytics, including face recognition, mask detection, and a dashboard with alerts and notifications.


You only need to register once with Clearhealth and from then on, the unit will know who you are via its facial recognition software. Each unit can and report and store up to 5000 staff members’ records.


The Clearhealth software allows every business to comply, track, and monitor personal data privately and securely, allowing businesses to track staff and patron attendance and report on when and if required, these units will also track in real-time individuals’ health and sanitization compliance and will alert the dashboard and appropriate management when compliance has been breached to be dealt with appropriately.


These units are 100% tax-deductible