Bool Protective Technologies

Bool Protective Technologies range of flame retardant workwear is produced with Parvotex fabric and is developed and scientifically formulated over many years, innovatively blending some of the world’s leading fibres in FR including Kaneka, Kururay Vectran®, cotton, polyamide and twill ripstop fabrics.



Bool’s range of shirts are extensive running through PPE1 and PPE2 Categories and providing additional options for tape patterns and colours to ensure there is a product for every FR application.



Bool’s trouser range offers PPE2 protection throughout with a taped, non-taped and bio-motion version.

Jackets & Coveralls


Our jackets and coveralls offer a solution to the short winter we get in Australia but ensure you maintain the PPE Category protection required.

Parvotex Fabric

Parvotex is uncompromised protection against unforeseen open electric arc incidents and flash fire events. No other FR fabric can boast high levels of fire resistance alongside superior comfort and breathability. This all stems from the yarn composition, with our Parvotex fabric boasting a 32% cotton content blended with Kaneka and Kururay Vectran®, the perfect solution for Australia’s hot and humid climate.

With a 32% cotton content, Parvotex fabric offers a more breathable and comfortable alternative to traditionally hot and heavy flame retardant garments. This reduced fabric weight and additional breathability ensure less wearer fatigue, a more consistent body temperature and most importantly, wearer comfort during all-day shifts. This is the reason Parvotex remains a market leader in the flame retardant workwear space.

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