BCA Recruitment

Company Overview


BCA Recruitment is the recruiting business unit of Business Communications Australasia (BCA). BCA is lead by the Director of BCA Group of Companies who personally has over 23 years’ experience in the Telecommunications and ICT industry, BCA’s expertise is selling to business and enterprise markets, in conjunction with direct selling, we also specialise in outsourced sales management and sales referral programs.


The BCA Recruitment business unit was established based on regular feedback received from Executives and Hiring Managers regarding their frustrations during the recruitment process to obtain the best possible candidate and recruiters lack of integrity. BCA Recruitments mission is to partner with you to ensure that you find the right talent to join and stay with your company.


As a Senior Leader of many large telecommunications company’s BCA’s Director recognises the importance of recruiting the right person for the right role, in the first instance. BCA’s has experience in leading, managing and now recruiting for large teams, we are passionate about providing not only the company with the right person but the right opportunities for the candidate. BCA’s Director also has an outstanding knowledge of the telecommunications and ICT industry which ensures he understands in detail the requirements for the candidates.


BCA Recruitment will personally meet with all candidates and ensure that they are fully vetted prior to submission of their resume.


BCA Recruitment is not a traditional recruiter and will work with the employer and candidate to ensure the correct fit for both parties this will ensure high retention of newly appointed employees.


Here is a snapshot of companies BCA have worked for or partnered with over the last 23 years to name a few:









From these relationships BCA has built up a sales and industry contact data base of over 1,000 + connections, connections we believe to be the best in the industry today. Our contacts in each segment look as follows: (These are also the areas of business we can help your recruit for)


  • Business and Enterprise Sales and Account Managers = 500 +
  • Sales Managers, GM of Sales, Sales Directors & Marketing Managers =150 +
  • Network Engineers, Architects and Technical Support Staff =100 +
  • Group CIO, down to IT Managers = 250 +
  • CEO, CFO & COO’s = 100 +


If we do not have the right person for the role or roles you are after (Due to availability), we will turn to traditional methods like LinkedIn and Add placements to source the right person for the role, which is what every other recruitment company does these days.


Listed below is a small selection of Business, Corporate and Enterprise customers that have been signed up over the years via the BCA channel direct, and our network of sales and referral partners. 












These companies could be a client of yours today, and maybe one of the BCA recruitment network staff may already work for your company, but the quality of businesses listed above shows you the level of sales recruitment capability and quality BCA have to offer our new recruitment partners.    


BCA charge a once off flat rate of 15% of all new employee’s annual salary as a finder fees, we are open to negotiations based around numerous roles offered or permanent business partnerships.